Registration for Holiday Tree

Registration for November 15: Christmas Tree Decorating at O'Hare Airport 2:30 - 4pm
Holiday tree location is: Terminal 2, Upper Level Airside, across from Gate B12

A CDA staff person will meet you at your scheduled decorating time on the Upper (departure) Level in Terminal 2, near door 2A, and escort you through security, if necessary. 

Please bring with you a valid photo ID, such as driver’s license, state ID, or passport. No liquids, scissors, or sharp objects are allowed through the security checkpoint. If you are escorted through security, you must stay with your escort at all times.

Parking passes will be provided to you upon arrival at the airport. When entering the airport, follow signs to the Main Parking garage. Park in the main garage and follow signs to Terminal 2 Upper Level. 

On the day of decorating, a waiver will be provided to all those in attendance. This must be completed by each person decorating the tree.

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