How to Become a Debutante

Requirements for Prospective Debutantes:

In order to qualify as a debutante, the young women must be between 16 and 21 years of age.  At least one parent must be of Polish descent of affinity.

The prospective debutante must NOT be engaged.

The name of each prospective debutante will be presented to the Board of the Legion of Young Polish Women for approval.

Each Debutante:

Should complete a biographical sketch, which lists her educational background, scholastic honors and awards, organization membership, school activities, travels, athletic teams, special talents, hobbies, and any other information that would be useful of publicity purposes.

Must submit at least two wallet-sized glossy photos for publicity purposes as soon as possible to the English/Polish Publicity Chairs.  In addition, the prospective debutante may submit as many additional photos as she wishes to appear in the local/community publications of her choice.  However, all publicity pertaining to the Ball is done through the Legion’s Publicity Chairs.

Is also required to submit to the Photography chair and the Program Book Chair a formal, full-length portrait in her Presentation gown.  The Photography Chair will advise each debutante and her parent(s) regarding the contact name and information of the professional photographer. 

Has the prerogative of selecting her own escort.  Relatives and friends may serve as escorts.  If requested, the Ball Committee will assist in the selection of an escort.

Must submit her formal portrait to the White and Red Ball Committee for approval.  It must be submitted no later than six (6) weeks before the White and Red Ball.

Is asked to contribute to the Legion’s charitable mission by obtaining as many listings (ad contracts) as possible for the Program Book.  The Program Book Chair will provide instructions.

At the Ball and after the Presentation Ceremony, will be given a basket of roses to be offered to Ball Guests for Donations, which will be used by the Legion for its numerous charities.  The combined proceeds from this Charity Rose Appeal, Program Book Listings, and Guest Attendance will determine which debutante becomes Queen of the White and Red Ball. 

Is strongly advised to wear comfortable dress slacks or a longer, fuller skirt to all Ball rehearsals, due to the deep bow that she will be practicing.  Please note that publicity photographs are often taken at our rehearsals, so we require that you practice in business casual attire.

MUST wear dress shoes to each rehearsal.  Boots or rubber soled shoes are not appropriate or permitted.


For the Debutante Teas and Events

As publicity photos are taken at each Tea/Event for publication, the Legion respectfully requests that each prospective debutante attend the Teas/Events in business or dressy casual attire, so that the photos reflect the youthful beauty of the prospective debutante and the traditions of the Legion of Young Polish Women.

Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals for the White and Red Ball will start after the New Year.  Most rehearsals will be held in a specific place on six or seven consecutive Sundays and/or Fridays.  The Debutante Coordinator will provide the dates and time of these rehearsals.

At some point in the rehearsal schedule, debutante parent(s) will be invited to gather informally at the rehearsal location for discussion about the preparations for the upcoming presentation.

It is important for all those participating in the Presentation to be on time for all rehearsals.

Rehearsal attendance is required by the father, prospective debutante, and her escort. The mother’s presence at these rehearsals is very much appreciated.

The Dress Rehearsal is always held in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago.

At the Dress Rehearsal, debutantes are to wear floor-length, full skirted gowns (not their presentation gowns) suitable for bowing and shoes with heels of the same height as those that will be worn the night of the Ball.

The Dress Rehearsal is most important.  Attendance is REQUIRED.