Julia Stokowski

Daughter of Christoph and Halina Stokowski


I am currently a junior attending Regina Dominican High School. I wouldn’t want to be enrolled anywhere else, because of how they have shaped me and many other young women into leaders. Just a few minutes away from Regina was my former Polish school, Thaddeus Kosciuszko 7th Air Escadrille under the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago, which I attended for nine years.

I have committed most of my life to violin, thirteen to be exact. While attending grammar school I played during church masses at St. Mary of the Woods Parish. When enrolled at the Betty Haag Academy of Music, I had the honor to play at Symphony Center a few times. From the beginning my teacher Mrs. Edyta Mrugala, has shaped my music and violin exposure. With her students I’ve participated in many concerts including the most recent Christmas Concert at St Hyacinth Church. At the same time I participate in my school orchestra. Music is a language of its own and it can communicate more deeply then words at times.

I am so blessed to be bilingual. Both of my parents are originally from Poland, so they have incorporated a great deal of the Polish culture into my life. To truly absorb Polish culture and traditions into my heart, I would to go to Poland every other summer to visit family and friends. I believe I can truly call Poland my second home. When a person is exposed to different cultures, they learn to be open and acceptant of other’s differences. Instead of viewing other’s traditions and lifestyles as different and unusual, I am intrigued by them. This is where my love of traveling and helping people comes in. Exploring new places has taught me so much not only about others but also myself. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone, you realize your attributes.

Over the summer I went for six weeks with the Ernst Malinowski Foundation to Peru, visiting the small town of Chivay in the Andes Mountains, to teach English to the Quechua children. Despite the language barrier, I developed incredible relationships with the kids as well as the adults. It ended up being one of the most challenging, yet incredible experiences I’ve had so far. Knowing that I made a difference in their lives made me feel so good about myself. To be truly happy in life I have realized I need to share my time to help those in need.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about me so let me get to my thoughts about the Ball. I am honored to say that I will be a Debutante at the Annual White and Red Ball on March 4th, 2017.  When I was first presented with the opportunity, I thought with every experience you take away something, you get to make memories and meet new people. I was exited when I learned that I get to dress in a beautiful ball gown and dance at the Hilton, but more importantly help organization that generously help the Polish community as well as others. They help many people in many ways and have a special place in my heart.