Kamila Bochenek

Daughter of Michal and Anna Bochenek


I am a 16 year old attending Maine South High School, where I study many accelerated and AP courses and contribute to many clubs. I am an officer of our Polish Club and also a spirit officer in Student Council. I volunteer at our school volunteer groups, Interact Club and Key Club, where we visit soup kitchens and help around the neighborhood and also work with “Feed My Starving Children” to provide meals for the less fortunate. Along with these clubs, I also take time to enjoy other cultures as I study accelerated Spanish and enroll in Spanish Club. I also attended Polish school at Sw. Jakubowo, where I won 1st place for grammar and spelling two years in a row. In addition, I am a volunteer for special needs kids by directing them to their classes in my free time during the school day. I have won 3 awards for playing in concert band from grades 6-8 and also placed 3rd in a national Spanish exam within the class of 2019. In the future, I plan to become a neonatal nurse to assist in the care of newborn children in the medical field. To get experience with children, I also spend my leisure time babysitting kids for Polish families and teaching children at our school’s preschool. I also enjoy playing the ukulele, painting, reading, and dancing. I have been extremely committed to enjoying Polish folklore at “Polonia” and a variety of contemporary, lyrical, ballet, salsa, and hip-hop dances at a Polish dance studio called, “Jump”, where I am constantly surrounded by the warmth of the Polish culture. I have been taught myself to play the ukulele and paint - something which I was doing since I was 8 and won many contests for creative art at my local library. 

I love to travel around the world, as it is a very beautiful place. However, out of all places visited, Poland will always be my favorite destination. Coming from a mother and father that are both Polish, they have taught me their way of living whenever we visit Komorniki and Tarnow, Poland. I always have time to visit our large, yet jolly family, and rejoice for all the time that we lost when we did not spend it together. There, I help out with the livestock and cooking with my grandma, as well as apple picking and traditional mushroom picking with my grandpa. I have had the honor to explore Zakopane 3 times, along with the north shore including Gdansk, throughout my life and it never seizes to amaze me. I am thankful that my parents took the time to raise me under a Polish lifestyle and enroll me to Polish school, Polish extracurricular activities, and by showing me what a beautiful culture Polish is. By understanding, speaking, and writing in Polish, I truly believe that I will grow up to be successful and delightful like the rest of my family. I am excited to proceed further into the 2017 White & Red Ball to show my enthusiasm for Polish traditions and culture!